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Making the Custom Bobbleheads

Le 21 mars 2018, 08:38 dans Humeurs 0

In the contemporary time, the curve of the popularity of bobbleheads starts rising up. In a broader perspective, these sorts of dolls arrived around 150 years back and the individuals have experienced with bobbleheads during this span of time. The materials that help make a bobblehead are paper mache, or ceramic. Today, many producers are producing the dolls with enduring plastic. If you opt for personalized bobbleheads, you can find a wide array of alternatives at the diverse online doll producing companies including



The consumers can select the outfit of the dolls; moreover, the activities can also be selected. One can find a good collection of comedic pieces of clothing including Ninja gear, superhero, or caveman pelts. A bobblehead is typically eight to ten inches in height. However, these dolls appear in bigger and tinier sizes as well. The bobbleheads are plastic figures that come out in place. The head of a bobblehead is linked with a spring. The heads are to start nodding up, down and side- to- side. When someone touches the heads with a finger, it starts nodding up and down. As the head starts bobbing or wobbling, the name of the bobbleheads arrived. Now, the fan of bobbleheads can find a wide assortment of dolls at the professional online doll producers like

Singer bobblehead

Le 14 mars 2018, 11:10 dans Humeurs 0

It is a popular saying that music is the food of love, and this cannot be truer. Music is loved all over the world by everyone everywhere, and so is this bobblehead.


Get your own singer’s bobblehead, it doesn’t matter if you are a singer or not. Afterall, everyone loves music. You could get any style you want, with you in any position. You could customize any and everything, from your shoes to the microphone. You could even use your favorite musician as the focus (with your face of course) Check out this awesome Elvis themed bobblehead

4 Awesome musician bobbleheads for music lovers

Le 25 janvier 2018, 08:57 dans Humeurs 0

obbleheads are wonderful dolls to have, most especially when they are more than just dolls to you. You tend to appreciate them more when they are relevant and have some meaning to you. This is when the real effect of the bobbleheads are felt.

So if you are a musician, dancer, DJ, or just a music lover, then here are a few of the wonderful bobbleheads from mbobble you would absolutely love to have.

1. Personalized DJ bobblehead.

If you are a DJ (or would love to be one) and a bobblehead collector, your collection is definitely not complete without this one; and the reason is clear. Why have lots and lots of bobbleheads, and not have that one bobblehead that depicts you perfectly, doing what you love to do best?

Get this wonderful bobblehead at and get the most important piece in your collection. Even if you aren’t a collector, this bobblehead would still be a marvelous piece of decoration in your office or home. Do you have friends who are DJs but aren’t one yourself? Well, you could also get this one for them.


These dolls are made as perfect depictions of those they are intended for. Add a picture of you or the person you want to be sculpted when placing your order and get a look-alike doll. Typical sizes range from 6.5-9.6 inches.

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